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  • The Glencadia Story

    The Glencadia Story

    Out of Brooklyn, 2005 to today, the back story to Glencadia Dog Camp from the founder’s point of view I made this logo in Illustrator a long time ago. It’s not perfect but I don’t plan on ever changing it so tough. Glencadia Dog Camp, a country getaway for NYC dogs, emerged in 2006. “Emerged” is about

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  • Let Them Dig, Let Them Roam, Let the Dogs Out!

    Let Them Dig, Let Them Roam, Let the Dogs Out!

    Let Them Dig, Let Them Roam, Let the Dogs Out! Glencadia Dog Camp – Thanksgiving Week 2023   More From Glencadia Dog Camp More Great Videos/Pictures/Articles at https://www.glencadia.com/blog More Dog Videos at https://www.glencadia.tv Pet News from New York and Around the World at https://www.glencadia.info More Articles at glencadiareview.com   Follow Us On Social Media |

  • Respiratory Illness and Dog Boarding

    Respiratory Illness and Dog Boarding

    As you may have read, an unidentified disease or diseases affecting dogs has been reported in four states, not including New York at this time. Little is known about the condition. Given what we know now, we should all probably avoid overreacting but try to get ahead of what we can do now. We could be

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  • The Ethics of Eating

    The Ethics of Eating

    Animal welfare and food consumptionHere at Glencadia we recently began making a line of food for dogs called Farm-to-Bowl. This project got me thinking about the ethics of eating.Vegan, Vegetarian, CarnivoreThere is plenty of evidence that eating plant-based food is better for the environment. However, many people are vegetarian or vegan for a less abstract reason,

  • Farm-to-Bowl


    New Hudson Valley Chef-Made Farm-to-Bowl Food for Dogs by GlencadiaFarm-to-Bowl: New Hudson Valley Chef-Made Farm-to-Bowl Food for Dogs by GlencadiaGlencadia Dog Camp has provided country getaways for NYC dogs for 17 years. On a 20-fenced acre farm, the century-old barn has become one of the world’s biggest doghouses, with AC, heat, and other amenities to boot.This

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  • Glencadia is one of the greatest things to happen me and my dog. I stress when work has me traveling for weeks but I’m ok knowing how much he loves... read more

    B Avatar B

    Update: Still sending Nellie to Glencadia, and it's absolutely wonderful. She races to the van to get in when she spots it. I can tell she's a happy gal! Couldn't... read more

    Morgan Wynne Avatar Morgan Wynne
  • I can't recommend Glencadia Dog Camp enough. Our dog has spent many happy vacations there as well as an extended stay when we had a medical emergency in our family.... read more

    Alicia Glavin Avatar Alicia Glavin

    Glencadia Dog Camp is a truly wonderful place for our dog. We have sent her there over 10 times over the years and every time she comes back healthy and... read more

    Andrew Martorella Avatar Andrew Martorella
  • More than a place to board your furbaby, it's an adventure for them

    Taylor Blackhawk Avatar Taylor Blackhawk

    I've sent my wonderful and kind, sometimes shy, bernedoodle Amara over 12 times to Glencadia. I have only great things to say about her experience there and the contacts I've... read more

    Nathalie rOTHSCHILD Avatar Nathalie rOTHSCHILD
  • We sent our dog Perry to Glencadia for 2.5 weeks as we were going on an extended trip, and we didn't like the idea of putting her in one of... read more

    Angharad Parry-Jones Avatar Angharad Parry-Jones

    We absolutely LOVE Glencadia. We have been sending our dog Astor to Glencadia for several years now. He has been over 10 times!!! Astor has gone to camp from as... read more

    Sarah Dismuke Avatar Sarah Dismuke
  • We have been sending Our Weimaraners Arya and Bheema to Glencadia for the last year. The pick up and drop off service from UES is very helpful. The pick up... read more

    Anasuya Vasudevan Avatar Anasuya Vasudevan

    Our mini Aussie cooper loves GC, he is nervous for the bus ride but the staff are so nice! Wish they did pickups in Hoboken/JC

    Ryan Holt Avatar Ryan Holt

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  • I recently had the pleasure of sending my beloved furry friend to Glencadia Dog Camp, and the experience exceeded all my expectations. From start to finish, it was clear that... read more

    Andy McNeil Avatar Andy McNeil
    October 8, 2023
  • My dog, Seymour, loves Glencadia. He’s been going there over 6 years now. Seymour can be a bit anti social, but he’s always excited when the Glencadia van comes for... read more

    Tom Lucid Avatar Tom Lucid
    May 23, 2023
  • Coco loves going to “camp” and as a family we have no guilt or stress knowing she is being taken care of. We absolutely love and trust... read more

    Soonae Sakow Avatar Soonae Sakow
    January 4, 2023
  • My dog Max had a blast while we were in Ireland for the month. He came back healthy and happy! He knows he’s going on his vacation too when he... read more

    Aoife Forde Avatar Aoife Forde
    September 10, 2022
  • My dog Quince is pretty shy and nervous. At Glencadia they took his needs into account and helped to build his confidence. I plan on sending him again and would... read more

    Rose Mahan Avatar Rose Mahan
    July 12, 2022
  • I sent my mini goldendoodle Ollie to Glencadia 3 times already. This past time he stayed longer. We loved to see his videos and pictures with other dogs. I am... read more

    Renata P Real Avatar Renata P Real
    July 3, 2022
  • Sent my labradoodle and goldendoodle there for a few weeks while I was away for conferences and vacation. Best decision ever! We received almost daily photos/videos and updates. They were... read more

    Judy Hannah Avatar Judy Hannah
    May 20, 2022
  • My dog, Lolah, loves going to Glencadia dog camp! We mention camp and she runs to the van! Pick up and delivery make camp so easy. The communication... read more

    Rebekah Latour Lavigne Avatar Rebekah Latour Lavigne
    February 25, 2022
  • I sent my dog to camp over the holidays and the process was very smooth, the staff was very communicative during his pick up and drop off. I got regular... read more

    Cristina Sc Avatar Cristina Sc
    January 5, 2022
  • We send our dog Cooper to Glencadia if we go on vacation and he absolutely loves it. They come and pick him up from Manhattan and take him up to... read more

    Nicole Holt Avatar Nicole Holt
    December 3, 2021

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