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  • The Ethics of Eating

    The Ethics of Eating0

    Animal welfare and food consumption Here at Glencadia we recently began making a line of food for dogs called Farm-to-Bowl. This project got me thinking about the ethics of eating. Vegan, Vegetarian, Carnivore There is plenty of evidence that eating plant-based food is better for the environment. However, many people are vegetarian or vegan for a

  • Farm-to-Bowl


    New Hudson Valley Chef-Made Farm-to-Bowl Food for Dogs by Glencadia Farm-to-Bowl: New Hudson Valley Chef-Made Farm-to-Bowl Food for Dogs by Glencadia Glencadia Dog Camp has provided country getaways for NYC dogs for 17 years. On a 20-fenced acre farm, the century-old barn has become one of the world’s biggest doghouses, with AC, heat, and other

  • Why is it still a shoe?

    Why is it still a shoe?0

    The carriage changed back into a pumpkin and the horses turned back into mice, but Cinderella’s glass slipper kept on being magically there after midnight. Someone needs to explain this. Explain that! Just because the laws of physics don’t apply in your universe doesn’t mean anything goes and I will have words with this fairy land. The

  • Online Reviews and Small Business — IssueWire

    Online Reviews and Small Business — IssueWire0

    Online Reviews and Small Business — One Way to Go Will Pflaum, of Glencadia Dog Camp, offers his experience on customer reviews in this interview New York City, New York Jun 17, 2023 (Issuewire.com) — In today’s digital age, every organization leaves a lasting trail on the internet. This fact holds true for small businesses as well, making it crucial